Mickey Gilley, Noah the Musical Offer Varied, Quality Entertainment in Branson, MO

With the majority of Branson’s live shows preparing to begin their 2009 season within the next few weeks now is the perfect time to brush up on some of the area’s more popular offerings. In particular, we’ve chosen to highlight two performances, each for very different reasons. From a relatively new show that is likely to be gone before you know it to a timeless Branson classic that may be overlooked only because it’s been entertaining the area for the past 20 years, each of these shows is sure to help liven up any visit to Branson, MO!

Mickey Gilley

Mickey Gilley is not only one of the first big-name stars to routinely perform in Branson, but also one of the brightest. From his unforgettable rendition of ‘Stand by Me’ to fan favorites such as ‘Room Full of Roses’ and ‘Your Memory Ain’t What It Used To Be,’ you’ll witness all of the Mickey Gilley classics. And those interested in seeing the Urban Cowboy live will find that Branson and the Mickey Gilley Theatre are one of the few places to do so, and that the performance is still every bit as entertaining as you last remember!

Noah the Musical

Noah the Musical is entering its second season in Branson and still considered one of the top draws in town! However, those wanting to see the show are advised to do so sooner than later as Sight & Sound Theatre is noted for routinely switching out its line-up to ensure its fans are greeted with fresh material. Of course, until that time you’ll find Noah being performed almost daily complete with a set design featuring an ark that towers over 40 feet in the air, 3D video imaging, laser lighting, and pyrotechnics. Simply put, you’ll experience the production value of a blockbuster movie laid over the timeless tale of Noah’s faith and commitment to God.

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