New Location, Same Amazing Shows

Those coming to Branson, Missouri for the 2009 performance season may be interested in knowing that three of their favorite acts have relocated to a different theater. The Haygoods, Red, Hot…& Blue, and Tony Roi will now be working their magic on the stage of  the New Americana Theatre. Purchased in May of last year by the Haygood Family, the New Americana Theatre is located along the famous 76 strip in Branson and will be opening on March 3rd. The theater features state of the art-special effects, a spacious lobby, and a gourmet deli amongst other things for guests to enjoy.

The Haygoods

The Haygoods consist of 8 talented siblings (7 brothers and 1 sister) all skilled in the art of theater performance including singing and playing their own instruments such as the violin, piano, and harp. They started out 18 years ago performing at Silver Dollar City and have since gained immense popularity. To date, The Haygoods have completed over 10,000 shows for more than 4 million people! This show is sure to be fun for the whole family and showcases a number of musical genres spanning from golden oldies to contemporary rock as well as expert dance numbers choreographed by the Haygoods themselves.

Tony Roi: The Elvis Experience

Tony Roi is a renowned Elvis impersonator and when you come to see “The Elvis Experience,” you’ll swear The King of Rock n’ Roll is standing right before your very eyes! Watch as Roi performs songs and dances that continue to make Elvis Presley a legendary superstar around the world. For 18 years, Tony Roi has won acclaim for his performance in the Legends in Concert Show and is now starting his 7th season with “The Elvis Experience”!  This show has won numerous awards and continues to be one of the hottest shows in Branson.

Red, Hot…& Blue

This high-energy show will take you on a ride through popular decades of music from the roaring 20’s  and beyond! With a live band and talented vocalists and dancers, you’ll be tapping your feet along in time as some of your favorite classics are performed with a flare that makes this show worthy of it’s many awards. From jazz numbers that will have you dancing in your seat to a fantastic tribute to the veterans of this country, this act is sure to become a  favorite for the season!

19 thoughts on “New Location, Same Amazing Shows”

  1. I’ve never seen the Haygoods but I have heard lots of good things about their show. This is one I definitely have on my list to go see.

  2. I saw the Haygoods back when they did not have their own show and were just palying at Six Flags. They were good then so I am sure they are still great.

  3. I have heard some good things about the New Americana Theater. It is supposed to be a nice facility from what I have heard.

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