13th Annual Branson Tri-Lakes Building and Home Show Coming in March

TVC Events, a division of the Vacation Channel, is hosting the 13th Annual Branson Tri-Lakes Building and Home Show, at the Branson Convention Center from March 6th through March 8th. The event showcases remodeling, home improvement, landscaping and household security services for home owners and prospective homeowners. Geared towards consumers, the show will feature seminars, guest speakers, door prizes and vendor booths. The event will be conveniently located close to the Branson Landing shopping area, so that consumers checking out the home show can also access the Landing for shopping opportunities after they are finished exploring the home shows many exhibits. Don’t miss this opportunity to network with vendors and learn more about home building, repair, and remodeling, so that you can make the best decisions possible in the current housing market.

40 thoughts on “13th Annual Branson Tri-Lakes Building and Home Show Coming in March”

  1. I’ve been to this show and there is always plenty of good ideas for your home and some great ways to save money when budgets are tight.

  2. I’ve been a part of this building and home show since it’s early days, and it is a great show! Whether you’re looking to build new, or simply remodel; you’ll get all the anwsers you need in one convenient location. Check it out!!

  3. I kinda wish they had a home tour going on. There are a lot of lovely houses around here and I’d love to see them from the inside.

  4. I’m really looking forward to this! We just built a house in the Fall, so right now we are just looking at a big dirt yard. We could definitely use some landscaping ideas for this Spring.

  5. This would be something I should tell my brother about, since he’s into things like this.. Probably wouldn’t be something I’d go see though.. Except for the shopping =D

  6. This sounds like it would be a good thing to go to if you are building or remodiling your home. Sounds like a great learning exp.

  7. A couple of my friends and myself are looking into going in on a house. This sounds like a great activity to visit to pick up a few pointers and tricks!

  8. I think this would be great to go to; I’ve never been to a home show. Definitely something I would have to take my grandma to–she loves this type of stuff and she’s looking to remodel her house.

  9. I would lvoe to attend this show. I am looking forward to when I can buy or build my first house, I’m sure they have lots of great things and ideas I could use.

    1. Jimbo–Maybe you should come to my house then! We have a muddy mess right now with our landscaping projects. Help would be great!

  10. I love home shows like HGTV. My Home-Ec teacher useto record them shows @ her house & then we would watch them in class!!

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