Branson: Family Friendly, Family Fun

Hamner Barber Variety ShowBranson, Missouri has become one of the premier destinations in North America for both young and old alike and has managed not to compromise it’s family-friendly atmosphere in the process. With many theme parks and events catering to family members as young as two years old, Branson is quickly becoming a popular place for families to spend a weekend. Affordable, hospitable, and overall fun, here are some parks and attractions to keep in mind for your next visit to Branson with your loved ones!

Branson Family Fun Factory

  • The name says it all! This family-oriented facility offers 18-holes of “glow in the dark” miniature golf with 4 different themes, a game room full of arcade classics, and a 3,000 foot laser tag course! Think about booking your next party here or just stop in for an afternoon of food and fun.

The Hamner and Barber Variety Show

  • This incredible performance features the talents of renowned ventriloquist Jim Barber and the illusions of magical duo The Hamners. Comical puppets, exotic birds, special effects, and talented singers and dancers are a part of this fascinating production that will make your visit an exciting experience.

Silver Dollar City

  • Easily one of the most popular attractions in Branson, this amusement park allows you to visit the 1800s with period-themed rides and shows such as the PowderKeg, McHaffie’s Homestead, and the GIANT Swing! This theme park is sure to become a family favorite and with so much to see and do, repeat visits will be necessary!

For more information about these attractions and others, visit,, or call 417-823-0981.

30 thoughts on “Branson: Family Friendly, Family Fun”

  1. Oooh, I haven’t played laser tag in years! I don’t have any family with me in Missouri, but I’ll consider kidnapping some children and taking them to the Branson Family Fun Factory. Silver Dollar City sounds like it could be a blast too.

  2. They have glow in the dark mini golf and laser tag. Count me in. You don’t even need children, get a couple grown adults and they will be acting like 10 year olds in no time.

  3. I think the Hamner Barber show sounds really cool! Seems like you get a little bit of the best of Branson, all in one show.

  4. i have heard that the hamner barber show was a really great show. i would love to go see this show. the varity that i have heard that this has. WOW its going to be amazing

  5. These are all really great suggestions! My daughter’s birthday is coming up soon so I’ll be thinking about taking her to one of these places to celebrate.

  6. Silver Dollar City is a lot of fun. There are lots of exciting thrill rides, entertainment, neat shops, and a variety of food to eat!

  7. I plan on going to silver dollar city pretty soon. It look like alot of fun. Plus I hear they also have over 40 show that I can see when im not riding the coasters. 😀

  8. Branson Family Fun Factory sounds like a good time..I’ve never done mini golf glow in the dark style so that should be interesting

  9. Loved Branson, told my wife I wanted to move to Branson and buy a souvenir shop and have a ball, and live next door to Penny Gilley.

    1. Now that sounds like alot of fun Randy. I would definatly come visit your sovenier shop. You could be right down by all the shows and while people were walking they could visit your shop on the way back or even before.

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