Catch the Competitive Excitement of the Masters and Team Trout Championships in Branson, MO

While Hot Winter Fun is ensuring Branson visitors will find a healthy choice of shows available throughout the winter it is far from the only reason to pay a visit to Branson sooner rather than later. For anglers and outdoor enthusiasts in particular, this January 31, 2009 will mark the ever popular Masters Trout Championship with the Team Trout Championship following on February 28, 2009. Both fishing tournaments follow catch-and-release rules and will be held on Lake Taneycomo, with each offering a great time of exploring the natural beauty of the Ozarks while competing for cash prizes!

Hosted by Lilley’s Landing Resort and Marina, the Masters Trout Championship allows for two-person teams with cash prizes being paid out to the top four teams. And while the Masters Trout Championship is quickly approaching, participants are allowed to register right up to the start of the tournament on January 31. The registration fee is $50 per team.

The Team Trout Championship, also held at Lilley’s Landing, closely follows suite with the Masters. The registration fee is still $50 for two-person teams and registration is allowed up to the day of the event. And just as with the Masters Trout Championship, the Team Trout Championship will also be paying out cash prizes to the top four teams, as well as prizes for the both the biggest rainbow and brown trout.

As for the quality of fishing you can expect to find, Lake Taneycomo in the winter is a veritable hot bed for trout. In total, the Missouri Department of Conservation has reports stocking the lake with 46,800 rainbow trout throughout January, and another 39,100 in February.

Click here for more information, including contact information.

And for those needing lodging while visiting Branson for either the Masters Trout Championship or Team Trout Championship, be sure to visit to easily browse a variety of Branson lodging options and securely reserve your room.

25 thoughts on “Catch the Competitive Excitement of the Masters and Team Trout Championships in Branson, MO”

  1. This sounds like it would be fun. Trout are beautifual and very sporty fish. I know Lake Taneycomo has some pretty big brown and rainbow trout, so I am sure somebody in the contest will land a big one.

  2. Eww! Over 48,000 trout put into the lake? That seems like an awful lot. I’ll have to remember not to swim in this lake. Fishing it would definitely be fun though!

  3. I’ve really never been any good at fishing I usually only catch trees and people. Maybe I can learn a thing or two by watching this.

  4. So trout love cold weather? Odd. I think it’s weird to stock the lake during some of the coldest months but I suppose they know what they’re doing. I, on the other hand, know absolutely nothing about fish…except how to cook them. 🙂

  5. Fishing is a great past time for my family. I would love to have the opportunity to fish whenever they release all of the trout.. Good Eats also!

  6. i dont go fishing, it is kinda gross but i could get over that it is just really boring for me, to sit around and do nothing

    1. I love to fish (when I actually catch something), but it definitely grosses me out! Someone else has to bait my hook and take the fish off for me, so it becomes quite a chore for someone to take me fishing. I just like to cast and catch!

  7. I would love to be able to participate in the tournament, When I was younger I participated in alot of them.
    Catch and release is the best way to go.

  8. I can’t wait for the summer weather so I can go camping and fishing with my family, I don’t think I would be able to stand the cold weather with all of those people fishing around me.

  9. Trout are cold water fish for sure. In a place like Missouri the best time to fish for them is probably in the winter or early spring. When it gets to be summer you are better off switching to night fishing for catfish, because the trout probably aren’t going to be easy to entice.

  10. Brrr! It was awfully cold yesterday to be fishing! One of our local tv stations did a report about this event on last night’s news. There are some very dedicated fishermen out there to be standing in water with these temperatures!

  11. I love to fish. Particularly for trout and salmon. My husband has tried to talk me into fishing for cat fish and other types of fish, but I won’t lol.

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