Beatles Museum Opening in Branson to be the Nation’s First of its Kind

The nation’s first Beatles museum is scheduled to open in March of 2009 in Branson’s Starlite Theater. Louise Harrison, sister of the late George Harrison, who founded and manages the Liverpool Legends Beatles tribute band, is opening the museum. She will supply the museum with memorabilia from her personal collection that has never been publicly displayed before, including postcards and letters written by George Harrison, and early rejection letters from some less than prescient radio stations that professed no interest in the Beatles music. The only other public Beatles museum in the world is called the Beatles Story and it is located in Liverpool, England. The new Branson museum, however, is expected to surpass the Beatles Story museum in size.

After enjoying the museum, Beatles fans can stay and listen to classic Beatles songs performed by Beatles imitators, the Liverpool Legends, in the lovely Starlite Theatre, which includes a five story glass atrium decorated with strawberry fields, yellow submarines, London red phone booths, and the familiar Abbey Road Crosswalk. The Liverpool Legends perform hits from the band’s early days on through to songs from the later solo careers of John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison.

To order tickets to enjoy the museum and see the Liverpool legends perform contact the Starlite box office at (417) 337-9333 or you can also visit the Starlite Theater website at

To learn more about the Beatles tribute band the Liverpool Legends check out their website at

23 thoughts on “Beatles Museum Opening in Branson to be the Nation’s First of its Kind”

  1. I think its pretty cool that Branson has a Beatles connection with George Harrison’ sister. I wouldn’t call myself a Beatles fan really but I do like some of their songs and some of John Lennon’s solo stuff so I would probably check out the museum and the show. It kind of expands Branson’s image beyond the Country Western and the Osmonds stereotype too. I mean the Beatles were British and all…you know city slickers from that other continent.

  2. I can’t believe that there are not that many museums in the world that pay tribute to the them. My dad tells me that they were a big craze when he was just a young lad in Mexico.

    To me its just amzing that after so many years its the Beatles are very popular.

  3. I can’t believe no one has ever thought of this, everyone loves the beatles. A nice museum and and amazing show. I def have to make an apearence.

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