Branson Airport Opening in May with Low Cost Service to and from Atlanta via AirTran Airways

AirportThe new Branson airport, the only completely privately funded and operated commercial airport in the United States, is scheduled to open in May 2009 and will provide convenient low cost access to the city of Branson and its many attractions. Currently the closest commercial airport to Branson is located approximately an hour away in Springfield, Missouri.

The new facility will be located just eight miles from Branson’s city center, and its proximity should encourage additional tourism to the area. While Branson attracts over eight million visitors a year with most coming from distances of over 300 miles away, only about 5 % currently fly into the area.

The soon to be open airport is designed to accommodate nearly 1.5 million passengers annually.

 Branson Airport will sit on over 900 acres of land and include a 58,000 square foot terminal. The airport has already recruited one major carrier to provide non-stop service to and from Atlanta. AirTran Airways has announced that it will provide daily direct flights between Branson and the world’s busiest airport, Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The flights will be offered beginning on May 11, 2009 at an introductory cost of just $99 plus tax per person for a one-way ticket.

For more information on Branson Airport and its grand opening visit or call (417) 334-7813.

38 thoughts on “Branson Airport Opening in May with Low Cost Service to and from Atlanta via AirTran Airways”

  1. I myself have never flown on Air Tran but I know someone who has and they enjoyed it alot. Another thing that Air Tran did offer was a student fly program that allows students up to age 23 to fly stand by for around $69 one way. Im not sure if they offer this any more but it would be worth checking into.

  2. I am very glad to see the institution of this airport. This should help to make Branson easier to access, and bring a wider array of visitors to the area.

  3. This cuts out the middleman. I never believed in landing an hour or more away from my final destination so I’m sure a lot of people are happy to hear that that won’t be the problem when traveling to Branson anymore.

  4. Yeah, I definitely wouldn’t want to have to sit on an airplane for a couple hours then have to drive yet another hour to my Branson show. This will cut that out. People are going to be happy.

  5. Whoo boy… I’m a huge fan of Branson so im glad to see ’em get a airport, but buddy do i hate flyin’. Won’t catch me on that, no sir. What about y’all? When y’all are visiting Branson do you fly into that city just north or do you usualy drive?

    1. I travel everywhere by car because it’s cheaper. I haven’t been on a plane since I was an infant. But I know plenty of other people that will appreciate this new airport.

    2. Nah, whenever I have to fly I always fly Southwest out of Tulsa. Its way cheaper to just drive out there and fly. Southwest has deals for $99 per person if you book online..

      But hopefuly having this airport, consumers will see lowere airfares..

  6. This definitely looks like it could give Branson an extra tourism boost, since a lot of people drive several hours to get there. If they could get a cheap flight to the city itself they might visit more often and people who haven’t come to Branson might have more incentive to do so with an airport to fly into.

  7. This is going to be great for tourists! No longer do they have to worry about finding transportation from Springfield to Branson. This will be so much more convenient.

  8. The new airport is exciting, that way if i ever need to fly any were i have multipul airports at easy access. to fly from.

  9. Well, If I ever need to go to Atlanta I will sure go through AirTran. I think this new Airport will make Branson grow significantly.

  10. This airport sounds great! I think it will improve Branson’s tourism and make it easier to get to Branson cost effectively.

  11. I am excited to have the new airport opening because I travel a lot and to find a good rate I have to drive for hours to either St. Louis or Kansas City but now I’ll be able to travel about 30 minutes and catch a flight out of Branson.

  12. When I fly anywhere I always travel to st loius, kc, or tulsa which is 3 hours aways at least, but half the price of the springfield airport. This will provide alot more tourism to branson and add a better option for affordable flights to springfieldians.

  13. Branson gets alot of tourists that fly directly to springfiels and then have to rent a car or charter a bus to get to Baranson. This new airport is going to save alot of people alot money and stress. I’ve been waiting a long time for this to happen.

  14. Hopefully with this new airport we will see lower fares then what people have to pay currently. Whenever I fly I always go to Tulsa and fly southwest. Even with the drive I still end up saving several 100s of dollars.

  15. This new airport is going to be great for when summer time is here. I know Springfield Branson regional airport was always so crowded with Branson visitors that now this will alleviate alot of headaches and keep people capable of getting where they need to get.

  16. i have never been on an airplane neither has my wife so i think that would be fun to do fly from branson to vegas or something like that

  17. This sounds like such a unique oportunity for the Branson area and for people that previously were unable to come.

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