Third Annual Ice Carving Competition at Branson’s Titanic Museum

titanic_shipFor its third-year, Titanic – World’s Largest Museum Attraction will be hosting its Annual Ice Carving Competition, an event sanctioned by the National Ice Carving Association. This year’s event is set to be held on Saturday, January 17, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. There will be divisions for both professionals and amateurs, as well as both singles and teams, with $8,000 in prize money being awarded throughout the day.

The one-day event will be free to spectators, though there is a $60 entry fee for amateurs and a $70 entry fee for professionals. The event is set to be held in the parking lot of the museum. Last year’s event drew more than 4,500 visitors.

More Events Throughout the Year

Aside from the 3rd Annual Ice Carving Competition, Titanic has already outlined numerous other special events it hopes to host throughout the year. Just some of these special events include:

  • Sweetheart Month and Wedding Vow Renewals – February
    Throughout the entire month of February, Titanic will pay tribute to love. Wedding renewal ceremonies will be held on the Titanic’s Grand Staircase throughout the month, offering a memorable way to renew your love.
  • Titanic Irish Festival – March
    Experience the culture and history of the large Irish population that was aboard Titanic. Throughout the festival, guests can expect to experience traditional Irish music coupled with tales of both those who built the ship and those that were on its ill-fated voyage.
  • Titanic Princess Tea Party – April
    Learn of the traditions of tea time during the era of the Titanic. Throughout this special event, you’ll learn the proper etiquette and manners of tea time for an immersive experience.

About Titanic – World’s Largest Museum Attraction

As the name implies, Titanic – World’s Largest Museum Attraction is the largest museum of its kind in the world. The museum features 17,000 square feet of more than 400 pieces of memorabilia and artifacts housed in a half-scale replica of the Titanic, standing over 100 feet. Visit or call them directly at 1-417-334-9500 for more information in regards to both the museum itself and the 3rd Annual Ice Carving Competition.

Titanic – World’s Largest Museum Attractions Tickets

Visit to purchase Titanic – World’s Largest Attraction tickets online or call 1-800-987-6298 to purchase by phone.

30 thoughts on “Third Annual Ice Carving Competition at Branson’s Titanic Museum”

  1. i have been to branson several times, my favoriate things to do when i go down there is to see a show such as noah, or Dixie stampedee and then go shopping and then to the imax. there are so many cool things that are there, everyone should go at least once

  2. I’ve being to Branson several times. I definitely recommend it for the Family to visit because they’re is alot to do, see, and its just Family vacation spot to go to. Go see some shows, ex comedy, country, dinner shows, magic shows, or sightseeing tours, or ride on the Branson Showboat Bell dinner or lunch cruise.. Or just go funn shopping at the outlets, or visit Historic Branson Landing..

  3. Branson is a great place to visit for a family vacation. There is something for everyone. Tons of shows for all age groups, theme parks, shopping, etc. guarantees there will be something for everyone.

  4. I remember when I was a kid, I found anything about the Titanic interesting, I kept trying to find new stuff about it. Now older we have a replica of it in Branson and I haven’t went yet. I really hope to go soon, this ice craving contest sounds pretty cool too, I have always wanted to see someone do this

  5. I’ve been to Branson so many times I really can’t even remember. I always have a good time when I go. I’ve been to a lot of the shows, dinners, and attractions but I haven’t been to the Titanic yet. I really want to so hopefully I can go soon.

  6. The Titanic museum is awsome. I have yet to go to the ice Competition, but I am sure it will be awsome. I am thinking about going to it this year. I also heard on the news the profit from the museum that day goes to a local shool’s chior to send them to new york. An even better reason to visit.

  7. I grew up around the Branson area and have seen most shows and been to most attractions that Branson has to offer but there are still a few I haven’t been to that I want to go to. The Titanic Museum is one of them, I’ve heard so many good things about the Titanic which makes me want to visit it even more so than I did before.

  8. The Wedding Vow Renewals is something I will have to check out in February when I’m up there for my birthday! I think this would make the best present ever!

  9. Ok, so I actually went to the ice show. It was pretty cool, we got there like the last hour we saw a lot of neat ice carving. I would suggest getting their earlier because a few had broken by the time we got there. I was amazed by the detail.
    And yes Robert they do have actual artifacts from the ship wreck. I am not sure if their is another exhibition, but I would hope so.

  10. I absolutely loved the Titanic movie and im glad to see that there is an exhibit now. I am going to have to plan a trip to go see it.

  11. I was really small the last time I saw ice carvings but the memory is very vivid..I remember I was so amazed with what people could do with ice..It was incredible and I wouldn’t mind seeing some carvings again

  12. I didn’t realize Titanic held so many events. The tea party sounds cute! I’ve never seen ice carvings so that would be interesting to see.

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