Polar Bear Plunge in Branson Benefits Charity

Cold LakeDive into the ice cold waters of Table Rock Lake and make a splash for Special Olympics Missouri! Branson will be hosting its 4th annual Polar Bear Plunge on February 14th, 2009. This event enables brave souls who can bear the cold water, to jump into Table Rock Lake for an exhilarating winter swim. Each participant is encouraged to raise a minimum of $50 in charitable pledges, but many will raise considerably more. There are also prizes awarded for the best costume, so come dressed up and take the brave leap into the frigid waters! Proceeds support training and athletic competition for Missouri’s Special Olympic events. After drying off, you may want to check out a Branson show to reward yourself for diving into the icy depths.


54 thoughts on “Polar Bear Plunge in Branson Benefits Charity”

  1. I usually go to this every year and donate money for the cause but I never participate in the plunge. It’s more fun watching someone else freeze while you’re nice and warm!

  2. My brother did a Polar Bear Plunge once and he said after the first ten seconds you can’t really feel anything. Of course he also said most people get back out of the water in about ten seconds anyway. I might try it one day, but I seem to have had nasty cold and flu symptoms this winter, so the idea of jumping into a cold lake doesn’t have much appeal right now.

  3. I can think of a few things to do on Valentine’s Day. Swimming in freezing cold water is definitely not at the top of that list. That would be fun to watch though..

    1. hey this is destinee i know a lynn and if your first name is david and your last name is crismon hi dad!!!! love you and i wasn’t able to go to this because i went to see the music man with my grandma in springfield

  4. Yikes. I couldn’t imagine doing such a thing. I get chills from a ceiling fan so this isn’t something I’d participate in, but I’m sure it’ll be entertaining. And kudos to the people who are doing it. It really does help.

  5. WoW, this sounds like it would be fun to watch but not actually do. Anyone that actually jumps in the water, my hat is off, to you.

  6. This is for a great cause. I’ve always wanted to go and watch. Maybe I’ll get the nerves up to take the plunge next year.

  7. I have always been interested in ‘Polar Bearing’. I know there are several differnt places around the world, where they participate in this kind of event. I would love to do so, especially because its near where I live.

  8. I could probably do this. I use to swim in Ha Ha Tonka up at Lake of the Ozarks and the water was so cold it was blue… yeah, that’s right I’m tough.. =]]

  9. Now that my cold is gone and its 55 degrees outside I could probably do this even though I bet the water is still freezing. Its for a good cause after all and I used to live in a really cold climate so I could probably tough it out and make the plunge. Now I wonder if I wore an orange Aquaman suit if I could win the costume contest.

  10. I’d gladly support the event but don’t expect to see me jump in that water anytime soon! Brrr!! I hope the weather is good for everyone’s sake this weekend!

  11. This would be cold but it would also benefit the special olympic events. It would be for a good cause. I do see that it would be a one time deal so i dont think i would be able to make it.

  12. Robert, why would you WANT to do something like this? lol. Like, if I had nothing better to do, or I was in the area…maybe (just maybe) I would do this..

  13. I hope that this event raised plenty of money for its cause. I wasn’t able to go on Saturday but I hope everything came out smoothly.

  14. I give many kudos to those brave people who are willing to jump in the frigid water for charity. Exactly how cold is the water? Theres no way I could do it but I sure would be there to cheer them on.

    1. Beth, You are so right when it gets too hot I always tell my self I wish there were some really cold water to dive into.

  15. ive always been a “polar bear swimmer” this sounds so cool; well cold actually haha! But its a good cause!!

  16. I think this is a *very* unique idea and for a good cause! Feel sorry for those jumping in the cold, but what an awesome gift to charity.

  17. Wow!! People do this? It would be awesome to watch but I don’t think I could bear the cold, so no plunge for me.

  18. Wow, that looks super cold, but like a lot of fun, too! I might do it, so long as I could warm up again afterward! I wonder if they’re doing it this year…

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