Hot Winter Fun Offers Year-Round Entertainment in Branson, MO

Acrobats of ChinaBranson is often stigmatized as becoming a ghost town after the holidays, and while many of the shows in the area do take a winter break, there are just as many that continue to offer performances throughout the city’s annual celebration of the New Year, Hot Winter Fun! Held from January through March, Hot Winter Fun places focus on the many shows that continue to offer performances during the winter months, as well as a variety of special attractions and events that are held to help keep the Ozarks as lively as ever. Read on to find out which shows and attractions will be taking part in this year’s Hot Winter Fun, and come experience for yourself the world-renowned entertainment of Branson year-round!

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To make reservations for Hot Winter Fun attractions and shows and learn more about the Branson area, either visit or call 1-800-987-6298.

49 thoughts on “Hot Winter Fun Offers Year-Round Entertainment in Branson, MO”

  1. My family and I enjoy Branson during the winter months. We have been to Ripley’s believe it or not museum and had a great time. There were so many fun things to do there that my kids didn’t want to leave.

    We have also been to the Titanic Museum and it is spectacular! For any history buff this is one place you just have to visit. You enter through an iceberg, and there are so many actual artifacts from the original Titanic.

  2. I love Branson during the winter months because it’s not full of traffic. You can acutally drive down 76 at a decent pace. It is a good time to go shopping and see the sights with out tons of people trying to do the same.

    1. I agree! If you aren’t one who likes to deal with the crazy traffic in Branson, which usually occurs in the summer months, then winter time is the time to go. It’s pretty quiet during the winter, but that’s great when it comes to shopping at the outlet malls and the Branson Landing.

      1. Sarah, I am not sure what day you are talking about but it seems that anytime I have gone to Branson it is always packed with people.
        I was going to the Branson Landing this weekend but it was too cold to go for us. I bet it would have been real pretty.

      2. Robert- I’m going to Branson for the weekend so I’ll let you know how the traffic is. It will probably be a ghost town anyways because of the ice storm.

  3. I like to go to Branson during the winter months because there is still things to do without the crowds, alot of cities don’t offer much to do in the winter months. Just last weekend My family and I went to Splash Country Inn my daughter really loves that place

  4. Branson in the winter still has much to offer, with fewer crowds! Sounds like it would make for a pleasant weekend getaway.

  5. Even if you’ve no interest in seeing shows, January and February offers great fishing options too! Lots of days in the high 40’s, low 50’s, and a ton of great lakes with catfish and large mouth bass.

  6. I rarely ever go to branson this time of year, because I’m ususally so sick of the traffic from the passed season. I never even considered it’d be lower this time of year. Hmmm.. Perfect time for some shopping. =]]

  7. To Hannah, Sarah and the few others that had mentioned traffic, quite a while ago they added a few other routes paralleling the 76 Strip. Certainly, you’ll still find traffic on a busy day, but even the summer months aren’t nearly as bad as you may remember from 10 or so years ago.

  8. If I were to go to Branson in the winter months, it would definitely be to see the Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Museum. Acrobats of China also sounds very entertaining.

  9. Raymond is right. The winter weather around Branson is unpredictable, but with the winter highs averaging in the mid 40s it means for every day it is freezing in the afternoon there is another day that it gets into the 50s (or even 60s). Sometimes it can be 25 degrees one afternoon and 60 the next, so if you stay for more than a couple days you are likely to catch at least some springlike weather. This is great for fishing or attending shows.

  10. Branson during the winter season isn’t so bad because of the fact that it’s less crowded. Yes the weather is unpredictable but that just adds to the excitement of going out and braving the cold to have fun.

  11. I’d always heard Branson is slow in the winter but with at least 17 different shows running I’d say there’s more than enough to do.

    1. Also if the shows aren’t enough you always have your museum attractions to visit. And when all that is still not enough you can always shop.

  12. I loved visiting the Stone Hill Winery in Hermann, MO (and my wife loved the wine tasting after the tour!); I can imagine how much fun the Branson winery would be.

  13. I had no idea that there was this many shows and attractions that were still open in the winter months. It’s definitely something to do without as many people and traffic.

  14. im really excited about everyting that is going on in branson i really need to get down there, i live 40 mins from and never get down there but i think that i am going to get a group of my girls together and go down there, i bet they would enjoy that

  15. I hate fighting crowds, branson always has something going on, so I can go during the spring and see my favorite shows with out feeling uncomfortable.

  16. Ive been to a few places in Branson in the winter time such as SDC and I have to say – they put a spin on winter that just leaves you wanting more. It takes you back to a time when things were so much more simple. With all these shows in the winter month how can anyone go wrong with Branson.

  17. I love the downtown area with more shops staying open,the Nativity Museum was an treat by itself,free admission with over 2000 nativites one of the neatest collections ive seen .People must go see it you,ll be amazed

  18. Im really looking forward to being able to go to Branson I caint wait to see all the shows and go shopping I am really excited about seeing the titanic and the dinosaur musuem.

  19. I have had a few people ask me if there are any winery’s in branson and now i can say yes and it is called Stone Hill Winery which sounds like it would be a fun experience to see how it is made.

  20. My grandparents are coming to visit this May from Florida and I plan to take my grandfather to the veterans museum. I know it would be a moment to remember. I also plan to take my grandparents to the landing when they come. It sounds like a fun time and I cant wait.

  21. I have gone to Branson in the is Beautifull..there’s a lot of X-Mas shows going on that you can catch early in the winter without the traffic everyone knows of..I plan to go again next winter for sure!

  22. I really wan to see the Acrobats of China..I like acrobatic perofmrances..It just amazes me what the human body can do

    1. Acrobats of China is a really cool show. My only complaint of the show was that I thought it was a little long and repetitive. It lost my attention towards the end.

  23. Theres nothing better to cheer up your mood other then seeing the baldknobbers they will tears of laughter out of you on your absolute worst day.

  24. We have always gone right before everyone packs in like sardines and enjoy every bit of it!! We go everywhere, grand country inn, ripley’s, Silver Dollar City & its such a great time!! My brother rides a motorcycle so we always go on cruises thru branson on that and its really awesome, especially up that huge hill near silver dollar city, the one where you can see everything from!!! Thats our fav!!

  25. The winter months are the best time to go! The prices are cheaper… And there are not as many people to fight with! We all know how bad the traffic is in Branson! Terrible! Not only are there these shows and attractions but there is ALWAY SHOPPING!

  26. Well Branso has alot to offer shows, attractions, tours, activities, and so on, but I would like to do again is the Helicopter ride, I like that, I also went to Ripley’s that was nice to see wierd but good…Its a fun place to go with family and also do some shopping around, and not get lost…

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