Simply Irresistible Old Fashioned Candy

Branson 11.13 063Do you remember Goetze’s Cow Tails? Or how about Atkinson’s Peanut Butter Bars? Simply Irresistible Old Fashioned Candy in Historic Downtown Branson carries these and many other classic candies that you can’t find anywhere else.

This cozy candy store located on South Commercial Street, sells all the old fashioned candies you miss as well as freshly made fudges. Fill a bag with an assortment of pay by the pound candies and relish in the sweet goodness of Simply Irresistible Old Fashioned Candy. Overflowing with colorful wrappers and decorated with toys and PEZ dispensers, this specialty store is the perfect shopping location for anyone with a sweet tooth!

Branson 11.13 034

Stop by for the perfect stocking stuffers this year and don’t forget to visit many of the other specialty shops while you’re in the Historic Downtown Branson District. Adjacent to the Historic Downtown District is the Branson Landing, Branson’s newest shopping center and the perfect place to find Christmas gifts for the whole family.


  1. I love candy stores they are awesome. Branson has an old fashion candy shop? I am going to have to check this out sometime.

  2. I’ve never heard of these candies but they sound delicious. I bet they have a lot of other candy I can’t find around here from my childhood.

  3. I have some friends that would love this place, after all who doesn’t like candy?! Plus I think some of this stuff would be good for Christmas gifts for anyone who enjoys candy.

    • well I know I love candy! When I was in second grade I went to a 1900s homestead. and we got to try all the old fashioned candy so I think I might check it out ;)

  4. I’ve been to this candy store and its choices are endless……..and all soooo good! I have created a habit to stop by this wonderful place when I’m in the downtown area.

  5. This is a “must stop” place when I am in town. They have the Old Fashion candy you can’t find anywhere…my son’s favorite place to visit when in town.

  6. This makes me not want to stick to my diet…

  7. I find myself indulging in the old fashioned watermelon candies. Its a great way to travel back in time to when I would sit at the table with my grandma and enjoy those foil wrapped candies! Great part with visiting Simply Irresistible is the prices are so reasonable!

  8. Mmmmm…candy…yum!

  9. Love this store! It always satisfies my sweet tooth!

  10. I love candy stores. I can’t wait to visit this shop!

  11. candy is great. and the old way of making candy seams to taste better than the new way. might have to make a trip!!!!

  12. Hmm,candy by the pound…I wonder how much a U-Haul is.

  13. I love candy! I can’t wait to visit this place on my next trip to Branson.

  14. Zachary Arrowsmith says:

    This is the best candy you will find anywhere in Branson!! It is truly the best that I have ever had and it reminds me of the candy the my Grandgrandmother made me when I was just a littlw kid! I encourage everyone to stop in and try a piece, you will not want to stop!

  15. I love candy stores!!! Always a must stop!

  16. I love old fashioned candy! I must try to visit one day!

  17. I love candy!! This is so cool!

  18. I love candy..This place looks awesome

  19. I could go for some candy!!

  20. Candy sounds yummy about right now!

  21. I hadn’t heard of this place until I stumbled on this article. I’ll definitely be looking for it next time I visit Branson!

  22. Crystal Dooley says:

    I love this candy shop! It has all the old candies you just can’t find anywhere else! If you have a favorite from childhood you can be sure you will find it here!

  23. My kids are all for candy, will definitely be taking them there on our next trip.

  24. I love me some cow tails candy.

  25. Yummy!

  26. jasmine says:

    I love candy and seeing a store just dedicated to different types of candy excites me!

  27. I love candy! :)

  28. I’m going to have to take the grandkids here.

  29. Have to take the grandkids here.

  30. I want some taffy now!!!

  31. Everyone lady knows how much we love candy :) Cow tails bring me back to when I was little and my grandmother would buy them for me! Absolutely love them! I’ll have to visit this store when I go back to Branson in August!!!

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